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IFA is all about diversity

IFA is an organisation shaped by people who make our company a welcoming place for all


Our purpose at IFA is to deliver on the promise of opportunity and human ingenuity, and our commitment to our people, clients, and communities is to accelerate equality.

We act as a responsible business leader by ensuring our purpose and commitment drive our innovation agenda. Through it, global talent is attracted, developed, inspired, and rewarded.

It is our daily endeavour to cultivate an environment that unleashes innovation, enables our people to perform at their very best, and fosters a culture in which everyone feels that they have an equal chance of success. Leadership at all levels must help create and sustain an environment where everyone can advance and thrive, and this commitment starts at the top.

We focus on gender, ethnicity, LGBTIQ+, religion, disabled persons, and cross-cultural diversity.


IFA Cares

But we go further than that. We aim to give back to the communities that host our live events. The values of care, respect, service, compassion, diversity, inclusion, and sustainability are all important pillars of a socially responsible and sustainable business.

By establishing that IFA cares, we are not only demonstrating our commitment to these values but are also providing a platform for our partners and stakeholders to contribute to charitable causes aligned with these values. It is an excellent example of corporate social responsibility and shows how businesses can make a positive impact on society beyond their core operations.

IFA 2024 will include a dedicated diversity and Inclusion programme as part of the live content which will address how the technology industry can increase opportunities for all. Please check back shortly for more information on the topics that will be addressed. We look forward to you joining us.