'AETECH develops and provides technologies that help'people'live comfortably while protecting the global environment.

'The estimated sales'for''23 are 7.5 billion won, aiming to sell 30 ATRON units, priced at 250 million won per unit(Ten units have already been contracted during the first half of the year, and an additional 20 units are expected to be contracted during the third'and''fourth quarters).

'Through this, reaching the Break-Even Point(BEP) and achieving a profit in the third quarter of''23 are'expected.

'Due to the labor shortage caused by an aging population and the automation of facilities, there is a growing demand for robot adoption in both private and public resource recovery centers.

'The net profit margin is expected to be over 40% compared to the cost, and there are plans to increase it to 50-60% for bulk deliveries.

'With a market penetration rate of around 0.5%, there is potential for expanding sales through market dominance.

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