AIRPLUS, registered in the capital of the American Revolutionary War-Philadelphia (Philadelphia), the largest city in Pennsylvania, with a long history and heritage, aiming to provide users with better and more comprehensive air treatment solutions and services.'Relies on the technology and human resources of Pennsylvania's mechanical manufacturing, electronics, electrical and other industrial fields, AIRPLUS'is committed to research and development in cutting-edge fields such as aerodynamics, environmental governance, materials science, and new energy.

In 2018, Mr. Ye Jianrong, the founder of Qinyuan Group, reached a strategic cooperation with AIRPLUS of the United States to acquire its electrical appliances business, and immediately introduced the excellent R&D and design engineers of AIRPLUS from the United States and the technology of the Act Group (formerly Unilever'Qinyuan International Trade Department) Strength and management team, and established a research and development and production base in Ningbo, China, AIRPLUS'China came into being.'

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