Shenzhen Anxinkang Technology Co., LTD., a prominent manufacturer of consumer electronics, was established in 2015 under its parent company, the HongKong Yizexin Group. The group, originating in 2003 as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for international brands, has grown into a comprehensive corporation focused on research, development, and sales.

Yizexin Group, through its strategic formation of independent subsidiaries sharing resources, effectively manages risk and fosters a robust business ecosystem. The group specializes in bluetooth glasses, trail cameras, audio products, digital peripherals, and various consumer electronics, gradually establishing a suite of core products.

Key subsidiaries include Shenzhen Yizetai Technology Co., LTD., Shenzhen Yizejin Technology Co., LTD., Shenzhen Anxinkang Technology Co., LTD., and Shenzhen Yizekang Technology Co., LTD. Together, these entities steer the group from a humble manufacturer to a globally recognized conglomerate.

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