Founded in 2016, Aqara is a leading smart home provider with offices in New York and Shenzhen. With a comprehensive portfolio ranging from a variety of smart sensors to switches, cameras, curtain controllers, and smart door locks, the Company is committed to enabling smart homes experience that is seamless, proactive and intuitive. Aqara is also one of the early advocates of the new IoT connectivity standard, Matter, and has been collaborating with industry partners to enhance the interoperability and simplicity of smart home technology.

Aqara currently serves more than 7 million customers worldwide, with distribution partners in 6 continents - Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe and Australia. The Company also offers one of the most comprehensive suite of Apple Home-compatible smart home solutions in the market, and Aqara devices can be found in Apple Stores across Asia, Europe and Oceania. As the Company continues to expand its global footprint, Aqara hopes to bring more accessible, smart home technology to households around the world.

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