Turkey's leading, reliable, and innovative electrical home appliances brand Arzum has a deep-rooted history of more than 50 years. Its products are designed with the motto of "the world changes when you touch.' With 650 products in 6 product categories consisting of food preparation, cooking and frying, hot beverage preparation, cleaning, personal care, and ironing, Arzum reaches to millions of people worldwide. Leading the small home appliances market by breaking grounds in Turkey, Arzum considers design and innovation as its essential. With this vision, Arzum, which has received prestigious awards in many national and international competitions, also made it a mission to spread Turkish coffee culture to the world with the brand Arzum OKKA. Offering ideal flavors all over the world with their direct service to the cup, cooking in embers and self-washing, Arzum OKKA became the machine solution of Turkish coffee's globalization adventure. With the personal care series Ducati by Arzum, Arzum is now indispensable in men's personal care, and continues to grow in this market. The public offering of Arzum at Borsa Istanbul (Istanbul Stock Exchange), which took place on December 2020 and achieved great success with the record demand received, Arzum is taking firm steps with the goal of becoming a global brand.

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