Beijing Shunzao Technology Co.,Ltd

Founded in 2019, we are Shunzao Technology. For years we have been developing'

and manufacturing high-quality cleaning devices and accumulated a lot of patents'

and expertise in production. Our team is a group of talented individuals in the software'

and hardware fields who have all worked for well-known companies, such as Xiaomi,'

LG, Huawei, NEC, etc.

In'2021, we decided to establish a new'brand: OSOTEK. With this new'

brand, we aspire to develop high-grade household cleaning products for'

global customers. The vision of the OSOTEK is to make people's lives more'

convenient, improve their quality of life, and bring industry-leading technology'

and innovations to every family in the world.

The OSOTEK team is committed to creating the best quality products and'

services and prioritizing global user experiences. We believe that our products'

will make people's lives smarter, simpler, and more convenient in the future.

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