Bengdii Inc

Bengdii Inc is a Korean start-up incorporated in March 2020 to solve the problem of conventional headsets. We strive to offer people a more comfortable hearing experience with Bengdii's innovative headphones with non-contact earpieces.

Our products, Bengdii Bee and Bengdii Zazz, are innovative and unique headsets for anyone who have difficulties wearing headsets. Bengdii Bee targets students for their online learning while Bengdii ZAZZ targets all ages for music, games, learning, work, and much more. Bengdii headphone's earpieces do not touch the ears and at 76 grams it is one of the lightest headsets on the market. Because ears are free from contact, Bengdii headphones are very comfortable and ideal for anyone who hate wearing headsets. Bengdii headphones are also ideal for hot and humid environments.

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