Blaupunkt is a brand with a rich history, established back in 1924 in Berlin, Germany. Our name means blue dot, which comes from the seal of quality that every unit was labeled with after being carefully tested by technicians.'

It didn't take long for customers to start asking for "bluepoint" products, and the blue dot quickly became a symbol of outstanding quality.

Over the years, Blaupunkt has become a leading brand and global player in the consumer electronics and automotive industry. In 1996, we narrowed our focus to the automotive industry before adapting our business model to a licensing model in 2009.'

Today, we have over 50 licensees worldwide creating and launching Blaupunkt products even in new-to-the-brand categories such as appliances and renewable energy and e-mobility.

All of our licensees must pass an application procedure to ensure their products fit with our core promise of delivering affordable quality products that are made to last.'

If you're interested in distribution or licensing opportunities with us, please feel free to contact us and book your free consultation.'

Join us in continuing the legacy of Blaupunkt - a brand known for quality since 1924.

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