CHASING Innovation is a leading brand of global consumer-grade/ light-industrial-grade underwater robots and smart unmanned equipment.

Founded in April 2016, as an enterprise supported by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, it was the first to realize mass production in the industry and to build the world's biggest production base with a complete supply chain.'

Based on Underwater robots, the product lines have expanded to Swimming pool cleaning robots and Portable power stations.

DEENO is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CHASING Innovation.

DEENO is a leading provider of DiBMS battery intelligent management technology, specializing in intelligent management products and solutions for portable mobile energy storage and clean new energy. They offer a range of household energy storage products, including mobile energy storage power supplies and solar charging panels, catering to various application scenarios.

Brand Mission: Empowering our planet by providing energy to everyone. We believe that true heroism lies in embracing life even after knowing its truths. Let go of fear, take courage, and move forward. Be fearless, go boldly, and create miracles in life. Don't Panic!

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