Chun Lam Group (International) Limited

Chun Lam Group International was established on 1998 in Hong Kong . With over 24 years of experiences producing mobility products , we are one of the biggest protective phone case manufacturer in the world .In order to support our customers which require design services ,we have set up our own product design firm to provide design and product development services. Our company owns and manages total 8 different factories which located around the world ( China : 3 factories ; Vietnam : 2 factories : Cambodia : 1 factory; Myanmar :1 factory and India : 1 factory ) Our total number of employees exceed 8000 people and our production plants occupied over 150000 square metres . Each factory specializes in manufacturing different products including :Smart Phone accessories, Mobility products and accessories , Computer accessories , Wear-ables for smart devices, Smart sound devices, Outdoor sport gears and diving sport gears, Motorcar parts, Soft & Hard bags, Waterproof icebags and more . Our Group business turnover exceeds USD 250million in 2020 and USD300million in 2021. Our company believes good products and services we provide to our customers actually reflected the unique quality of our teams . Therefore , we are well trusted by world class customers from China, USA , Europe ,Japan , Korea , Australia . As our production lines in Vietnam , Cambodia , Myanmar have already started to operate . We expect our production capacity and our total sales will grow rapidly in the coming years. We would like to express our hearty thanks to our business partners and customers who supported us all these years!

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