Is CLEAN AIR Italia S.r.l.

ISCLEANAIR has developed its technological breakthrough and innovative APA (Air Pollution Abatement) technology with the objective, since the start, to achieve the greatest air pollution reduction rate using sustainable principles and the least resources and carbon emissions.'

ISCLEANAIR has created, patented, and commercializes projects that implement the multi-service technology APA - Air Pollution Abatement, a smart, versatile, flexible and modular solution that increases its range/reach of action in a cluster configuration.'

It is the only technology currently available that relies entirely on nature (using only water and mechanical processes to operate) and the absence of filters and is 99% effective in abating surface-level air pollution, both indoors and outdoors, in just a few days or weeks.

APA acts on the widest range of pollutants such as particulate matter and toxic chemical/gaseous pollutants (nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide) and nanoparticles as little as 0.2 nanometers (including pollens, viruses and bacteria, a very important feature for new requirements, post Covid-19). Independent validations proved APA technology can also sequester/absorb up to 20% CO2 directly from the ambient air.

The abatement capacity of APA corresponds to an absorbing power equivalent to 1.598 trees on NOx, 2.967 trees on CO2, and 50 trees on PM 10. A single APA system/device, of the larger type called a Panel, usually occupies a very small area (about 0.6 m2) and can purify up to 90,000 m3 of air per day (equivalent to the air pollution produced by 1,200 vehicles at an intersection or the air breathed daily by 6,000 adults in an indoor environment), typically consuming less than 3 to 4 liters of simple water (per day, consumed mainly by evaporation). APA maintains a constant abatement rate, has minimal maintenance costs (the only effort is refilling the device with water when necessary), and produces no waste (the tank has sensors which alert when water has reached max concentration limit of legislated chemicals/pollutants): in fact the water used by APA devices can be reused multiple times, and if APA is connected to the water supply, maintenance is reduced to almost zero.

Moreover, it is possible to integrate our APA technology in the already existing HVAC' (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems in buildings which allows an increase in energy saving up to 25% and double abatement of CO2 (20% DAC and associated with energy consumption). As for indoor spaces, our APA flowerpot proves the ability of APA to work successfully in smaller environments, with the additional value of aesthetic.

APA provides an efficient and truly sustainable ambient air cleaning process fully compliant with ESG and circular economy paradigms, and a unique air purification system that also can be an host infrastructure for other services (IoT, AI, photovoltaics..) and can also support 5G connectivity in its modules, providing enhanced monitoring capabilities and controls functionality.'

With 20 patents in major industrial countries around the world, more than 200 installations and 60 projects to its credit, ISCLEANAIR with APA received various recognitions nationally and internationally.' In particular, APA is the only one really certified by independent third parties and has an impressive track record of prizes, grants and awards (as Sustainable Growth Fund, many Italian Government's initiatives and Horizon 2020 ' SME Instruments Phase II by EIC ' EASME, the Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises), and many peer recognitions globally, such as SOLAR IMPULSE FOUNDATION award being recognized within the 1,000 most efficient and profitable solutions to protect the environment (labeled and member solution), achieving twice (2019 and 2023) 100% positive technical evaluations by independent experts.

It also achieved the status of a BAT ' Best Available Technology (EU 2008/1/EC)' in Europe (for removing Air Pollutants, including CO2), and was certified as Protection and Prevention Equipment or CLASS 1 EC ' Medical Device (Dossier n. 1967999/2020) being able to remove nano-size particles smaller than viruses, with the possibility to timely detect their harmful presence, protecting people's health. It was also considered as one of the top 6 solutions for decarbonization among the 100 selected by The Arch and as such we gave a speech at the European Parliament in front of. a prominent crowd of stakeholders and institutions.

This in addition to several articles and mentions in newspapers, magazines and journals worldwide.

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