Dabbsson Inc.

A new world is arriving. One awoken by technology and driven by possibility. A world of clean, sustainable energy.

Since 2012, we here at Dabbsson have dedicated ourselves to bringing this future to everyone'including you.

Harnessing our team's combined talent and experience in technological innovation and manufacturing, we're developing new ways to supply and store clean energy. This cleaner, carbon-neutral future is driven by our key technologies:'

' Energy Storage Integration

' Battery Health & Management System

' Two-way Inverter Control

We honed our technology together with our industry partners. Every detail had to be perfect. Each circuit board and line of code of the highest quality. Once we felt confifident in our products and technology, we knew it was time to bring it to your home.

As of 2021, we've developed a clean and sustainable home energy ecosystem to power the needs of families across the world. As our planet faces new energy challenges, our power storage solutions are designed to benefifit the environment and bring a positive change to people's lives. A world of sustainable energy for all is here.

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