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EcoSavers' is the leading brand in Europe for energy saving consumer products. Saving energy is a hot topic with consumers nowadays, not only because of high energy prices, but also to reduce CO2 output and reduce people's CO2 footprint. Green energy and eco friendly products for your daily life.

POWERplus' is marketleader in renewable energy consumer products. These products are using dynamo (human power), solar, wind or water as energy source.

Many of our products are developed by E Group BV where we own the utility and/or design patents and mouldings.

A selection from our EcoSavers programm:

' Energy meter

' Timeswitch

' Shower Timer

' Battery charger

' LED lights

' Doorbell

' Lampbase Timer

' Nightlight

' PIR socket

' USB charger

A selection from our POWERplus programm:

' DAB+ FM Radio

' Solar charger

' Solar | dynamo powerbank

' Solar gadget | dynamo gadgets

' Solar bluetooth speaker

' Powerstation - Powercentre

' LED garden light

' LED lantern

' Mosquitto zapper

' Flashlight

' Thermometer - Clock

' STEM toys

Visit us at H22 / 203 and experience this energy theme programm.

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