Erregame S.p.A.

Founded in 2007, Erregame Spa. is in the consumer electronics trade, through direct and indirect sales, including products such as video game consoles, televisions, smartphones, personal computers/accessories, white goods, small appliances home and more.

Born as a videogame distributor, the company has increased its range of products with electronic products, finally approaching the bartering sector, which today allows it to distribute the most varied product categories even in exchange for specialized servi-ces.

Thanks to several partnership agreements, both with the main producers in its sector and with the main Large-Scale retailer and Specialized retailer groups, the company has recorded exponential growth trends in the last few years expanding him sales all over the world.

In the last 15 years, Erregame Spa has added many new references to its immense catalog with over 3000 SKUs which include (in addition to gaming) Mobile phones, Tablets, Wearables, TVs, Stora-ges, White goods, Small Appliances, Mobility, Medical (registering own Brand Rmove) and buying Brand Fenner for electronical items.

Than, Erregame Spa has become a reference for many companies, moreover, to all customers (over 7000 active!) It offers a B28

Website with the possibility of granting a CSV and XML file.

The strength of Erregame Spa is to work only and Exclusively with physical goods in its our warehouses (internal of 1500 square meters and 3 more external of 5000 square meters), and this means that everything ordered can be delivered the next day. Finally, Erregame Spa obtained the maximum score in the Duns & Bradstreet ranking.

? Turnover 2022 + 233 million euros

? + 7000 Active Customers

? Supply of a wide variety of goods

? Excellent after-sales management

? Goods available in stock in our internal logistics of 1500 m2 and an external one of 5000 m2

? Direct deliveries from our logistics with national and international couriers

? Excellent management of large-scale retail trade, specialized retailers and resellers

? Top Rating Duns & Bradstreet

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