FAUNA Audio Glasses

FAUNA is a designer audio eyewear made to fit seamlessly

into your life. These revolutionary audio glasses

protect your eyes and provide vivid sound. With the two

integrated USound MEMS micro-speakers, two woofers

and two microphones you can listen to your favourite

music, audiobooks, and make phone calls. Available in

both a sunglasses version and a blue light filter version,

the glasses are perfect for outside activities and working

in front of a screen.

What makes FAUNA audio glasses unique is the open-ear

technology. This means that wearers have an open ear for

everything that happens in their environment. They are

responsive at all times and can move safely in traffic, for

example. Hearing remains protected from noise-induced

hearing loss, which can be caused by headphones and

in-ear headphones.

The Zeiss lenses of the device can easily be exchanged for

prescription lenses by an optician ' the material used

for the front frame is Italian acetate, a standard in the

eyewear industry and optimal for fit and wearing comfort.

Included in scope of delivery is a charging case

that allows re-charging your glasses on the go.

FAUNA connects via Bluetooth with your smartphone or PC. The glasses are controlled by touching and swiping on the temples. Thanks to our patented audio technology, the temples remain slim and lightweight despite all the electronics inside.

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