Federico Faleschini

Vitesy is an Italian company committed to improving people's lives and well-being through sustainable and smart solutions. Through the development of innovative and smart technologies, it promotes a healthy environment and a sustainable lifestyle to help people go about their daily lives in optimal conditions. We work passionately to create a better future for our Planet through our products such as Shelfy, Natede, and' Eteria, which combat food waste and air pollution.

Vitesy systems are designed and created to be cutting-edge in every aspect, including the completely Made-in-Italy design, and follow the principles of Circular Economy. Through the use of advanced photocatalytic technology, Vitesy ensures greater safety and effectiveness while maintaining minimal energy consumption. In addition to being innovative, the products are also sustainable: since they use washable filters, waste is strongly reduced compared to products using disposable filters, and they also bring great economic savings over time.

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