Guangzhou Jiemukai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Huikewuan Co., Lid has always insisted en increasing of automated production and operation to further imoroveproduct qua lty and reduce labor costs since its establishment in2011

we orwuide hioh-efficienct, environmertalhfriendly and energysaving PowerAdapters for office electrenics, S1B, networkcommunicatiens security monitorino A oroducts, fnancial Posterminals vehicle dewice data center electrical tools etcAs we all know, cower supolies are essential accessories for all kindsof electroric products, from small mobile phones, routers, laptoos toarger orinters, serves, medical equipment.



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Plant Blinding 3,No.30g, Guiyue Road

Polao Village.Potouxis Cormunity Guanlan Town,Longhua New District





Athough cower adapters seem simole with small body, they havehigh technical content, involving many technical fields such as poweelectronics semiconductor frepueney conversion electromapneticcomputer (microprocessorl, and integrated automatic control etc.

fth the "wew lnfrastructure" clan, 5g Bio Data and loT will be inracid development as the upstream manufacturer of aboveindustries, Power Supply have a huge space for increment andquality improvement

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