House of Smart Living by VDE, ZVEH & ZVEI

House of Smart Living ' a glimpse of future


Presented by the three German electrical and information technology associations VDE, ZVEH and ZVEI the House of Smart Living ' located in the Sustainability Village of ifa 2023 ' shows a wide range of building technology, smart applications and innovative features that enhance energy efficiency, security and comfort in flats and buildings. Functions such as an integrated energy management system that pilots photovoltaic system, heat pump, loading infrastructure for e-mobility and domestic appliances or a measurement device that monitors the respiratory air of patients suffering from diabetes give a vivid impression of what the future of Smart Living and Smart Building will look like. A special focus this year is on energy efficiency, the use of renewable energies and innovative climate technologies as well as on Smart Health applications such as a sensor floor that notices falls while automatically calling for help if no further movement is registered. All smart technologies shown at the House of Smart Living are state of the art and invite visitors to test them playfully.

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