Hyundai Corporation Holdings, a global company that constantly challenges in the global markets by going beyond the infinite boundaries of business. Hyundai Corporation Holdings emerged in October 2015 from equity spinoff of Hyundai Corporation which is a representative general trading company in Korea. Hyundai Corporation Holdings will secure differentiated competencies and high competitiveness to solidify the stance of existing business while making the best efforts to create new business history. Hyundai is one of the most representative corporate brands in Korea and a global product brand recognized by people all over the world. Hyundai Corporation Holdings is creating new brand values by expanding the global brand power of Hyundai from automobiles / machinery / shipbuilding / chemicals into hardware products, household appliances, and mobile phones. Hyundai Corporation Holdings will continue to expand its business field and increase the fame of global Hyundai trusted by the world through constant product development and specialized marketing activities.

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