Jiangxi KMAX Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "KMAX"), headquartered in Nanchang, was the host of the World VR Industry Conference and has branches in Beijing and Shenzhen. As a well-known science and technology innovation company in China, KMAX has been committed to the development and production of desktop AIO virtual holographic interactive machines, portable naked-eye 3D terminal equipment and other hardware, career and technical education applications and courses, as well as constant exploration of the creative empowerment and integration path of advanced information technology such as VR to vocational and career training education. KMAX has been rated as China's top VR 50 for four consecutive years, and supports the operations of the National Virtual Simulation Demonstration Training Base jointly built by the Ministry of Education of PRC and Jiangxi Provincial Government, with 3000+ client service cases at home and abroad. In 2022, Mr. Gong Hongjia, a well-known technology entrepreneur and angel investor, officially joined.

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