Back in 1978, blender salesman J.B. Kim founded NUC Electronics Co., a kitchen electrics company with a focus on healthy living.

After becoming a household name in Korea, NUC Electronics Co. rebranded for international consumers in 2007. That's when Kuvings, a combination of 'K'che' (German for 'kitchen') and 'living,' was born.

Kuvings revolutionized the juicing industry with the world's first Whole Slow Juicer in 2012. Today, we continue to apply the latest technology to exciting new products.

Outstanding Quality

Our products are made in our own factories with the safest, highest quality materials. Each Kuvings appliance is backed by a lengthy warranty to ensure it serves you for years. We invest heavily in our research and development centers to ensure current and upcoming products meet our high standards.

Invention & Innovation

We're founded on innovation, and we've got the products and patents to prove it. We revolutionized the industry with the world's first vertical slow juicer and the wide mouth slow juicer. Using advanced technology to make juicing easier is what we do best.

Healthy Living

Juicing and blending are delicious, easy ways to consume more fruits and vegetables daily. We strive to improve healthy living with products that are simple to use, easy to clean, and preserve the most nutrients.

45 Years of Innovation

Since 1978, we've prioritized consumer heath and wellness. We're on a mission to make positive change around the world with healthy living. As an essential part of home and restaurant kitchens, we're constantly researching ways our customers can get the most out of our products, and we continue to strive for excellence in everything we do.

Award-Winning Brand

We're honored to be internationally recognized with awards such as the Red Dot Design Awards, Spark Awards, and Kitchen Innovations Awards. Here are some of our proudest achievements.

2022: Kitchen Innovations Award

2021: Spark Design Award

2020: BBC Magazine Best Juicer Award ' EVO820 (England)

2020: Kitchen Innovation Award Winner (Germany)

2019: Red Dot Award Winner (Germany)

2018: Best Small Appliance - Kitchen (Design dla Konesera, Poland)

2018: iF Design Award

2018: Red Dot Award

2017: Kitchen Innovation of the Year

2016: Spark Awards Finalist

2015: Global Premium Household Item in the Juicer Sector (Ministry of Trade)

2014: Winner (1st) for Professional Juicer (TEST VINDER, Denmark)

2012: Corporate Recognition of Excellence (Fair Trade Commission)

2011: Gold Medal - INPEX International Awards, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2011: Gold Medal - 39th Int'l Exhibition of Inventions, Switzerland

2010: SIFF Gold Prize

2005: Silver Category, Top in Design (Prime Minister of South Korea)

2004: SIIF Award

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