Limifield, Lda

Limifield, Lda was born in 2007 and has always been dedicated to the import and distribution of computer equipment.

Our customer is the sub-distributor, reseller and shopkeeper.

Being an import and distribution company, it is essential for our growth to have cohesive business partners, so honesty and respect for everyone is fundamental.

Our customer's satisfaction is an important value for us because our Mission is above all to grow with each customer. As we are always attentive to the constant changes in the market, it is our policy to increase and diversify the range of brands and IT equipment in our company.

As we are an Import and Export company, we believe that commitment and collaboration are an attractive and safe way of operating in the market, since 2007 we have been doing so, consequently providing, over these years, relationships of trust with our suppliers, which comforts us to ensure and maintain our customer's satisfaction.

First and foremost, we are Exclusive Distributors of brands: Halfmman with a young and diversified line of mobile accessories; 2Hix with a wide range of IT products; Go-Infinity with POS solutions that give mobility to our client's business and 4Gaming with a current, diversified and bold range of gaming products.

On the other hand, we are also dedicated to the distribution of computer equipment from internationally renowned brands, such as SiliconPower, CyberPower, TPLink, Goodram, Gdata, Emtec, Gembird, Unyka, among others, thus allowing us to complement our offer of products and distinguish ourselves in the global computer equipment market.

In addition, another business area that has gained definition in our company is the sale of parts for repairing computer equipment. This aspect began in our company in order to be able to meet the needs of some customers.

Above all, in order to respond to market needs, we have a young, dynamic team focused on serving our customers well, which is why we achieve positive growth every year and make us stand out from the competition.

Another reason that leads us to have satisfied and loyal customers is the fact that we have an efficient technical department, through a team trained and specialized in solving any technical issue associated with the IT equipment we sell.

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