At LIVALL, we believe in providing our users with safer and smarter two-wheel riding experiences and building an O2O community through our mobile APPs. Ever since LIVALL was founded by a group of cycling enthusiasts in 2014, we've been relentlessly pushing forward to the next smarter and safer thing.'

It's who we are - prioritizing user experience and focusing on user needs. LIVALL launched the world's first smart and safe cycling helmet in 2015. This fully-featured helmet is equipped with smart functions, including hands-free operations, patented fall detection and SOS alert, smart lighting, turn-signals, one-click voice command, voice navigation and PTT Walkie-Talkie. All of our products have passed strict technical laboratory tests and satisfy international certifications, which ensures our riders always feel safe and futuristic while cycling with LIVALL.'

We have not only dedicated ourselves to building a more responsible and sustainable riding and outdoor community, but also been constantly inventing and improving our products for the past 9 years. LIVALL is holding 180 patents, 61 of which are product invention patents. We're also the first in the world to adopt turn signals and Fall Detection SOS alert in the outdoor industry. ISPO also awarded LIVALL the most prestigious prize , the ISPO global design Award - product of the year Award in 2018. Additionally, LIVALL EVO21 smart helmet was honored with the iF Gold Award in 2021 , selected from a total of 10,000 entries from 52 countries.'

At LIVALL, we never stop imagining what better riding experience feels like. It's who we are. We are constantly curious and inventing. Therefore, we're expanding our product range from smart helmets to smart electric motorcycles to make whatever our users are experiencing a little safer and smarter.'

LIVALL, Redefine Your Safety. Lead Sustainable Mobility.'

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