At LMP, we try to bridge the gap that a professional or consumer alike will eventually experience when working with their Mac hardware. Be it building connections to peripheral systems and devices, powering the Mac and iOS gear, inputting and storing data, or simply replacing or augmenting parts of the Mac, LMP is committed to supply high-quality products that make the digital life easier. LMP products are engineered and tested to be fully compatible with macOS and iOS and their design and choice of materials correspond nicely with Mac hardware.

To understand the Mac user's needs, we at LMP are in close and daily contact with a broad variety of users and sales agents alike. It can be a seemingly unpretentious 'I wish there were a device that'' which brings us to the plan. Naturally, LMP covers a broad array of standard industry-wide devices. Besides these, LMP stands out thanks to a growing number of ideas being transformed into unique products.

Such ideas are undergoing a lengthy process from scratch to finished product, which can be achieved only with a dedicated team that has the right know-how and equipment and years of experience in the Mac world. And it needs strong and reliable engineering and manufacturing partners that are essential for building products that reflect our thinking. At LMP, we are proud to combine these ingredients ' an experienced and dedicated team of Mac lovers in-house and trustworthy manufacturing partners abroad.

At the end, when our LMP products are working in the field, we strive to live up to a high standard of service. There are numerous environments and combinations and the digital world is ever changing. The user must be able to rely on an after-sales service that is competent and fast to react if a problem should arise. It is our aim to fulfill this promise on a daily basis. So, at the end, the digital life has become just a little easier with the help of an LMP product. Since 2002.

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