MicroView Electronics (shenzhen) lncorporation

'MICROVIEW Electronics It is a Taiwanese-funded enterprise focusing on OEM LCD modules and electronic paper display (EPD) modules. Mainly for Shenzhen Super, Longting Technology (PDI), BOE and other customers OEM production of mobile phones, electronic tags, car display modules, etc. The products are widely used in the terminal products of Nokia, Xiaomi and French SES.

'''''''MICROVIEW He has worked in the display field for many years. As early as 2011, he and Yuantai Technology OEM e-book modules. Since 2014, he has produced electronic label modules for Longting Technology. He has accumulated rich experience in production process control and won the trust of customers with product stability. And market recognition. At the end of 2016, the introduction of automated production lines reached the leading advanced level.

'''''''In October 2019, Yingqiao Industrial obtained MICROVIEW Electronics 100% Equity, through enriching product lines, integrating market resources, investing RMB 50 million in the electronic label market

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