Nida IC Ve Dis Tic A.S. (schwester von Simfer)

N?DA ?' VE DI? T?C A.?. which is the partner company of SER DAYANIKLI T'KET?M A.?., is a Turkish manufacturer that operates in the sector of home appliances (mainly cooking appliances). Nida, which started its production in 1977, carries out sales activities with brands Simfer (in Turkey), Carino, Dysis and ICQN (abroad). Nida offers a wide range of products to its customers with its know-how and vast experience of more than 46 years. Nida, which is among the top 500 industrial establishments of Turkey, continues to develop its patented products with significant investments in the field of R&D. Nida offers innovative products suitable for different markets and customer demands while exporting to more than 150 countries.

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