NodeTalks Corp.

Since 2015, we have studied lowering power consumption for SoC (System on chip). Finally, we have completed the technology development and produced ultra-low power sensor interface ICs which could minimize sensor driving powers.

''''''''''''In 2018, NodeTalks Corp. was established to commercialize this technology. Smart gas detector is the first device which this technology has been applied to. It will be expanded to environmental smart devices.

'''''''''''Currently, other innovative technologies, such as low-power BLE mesh networking, wake-up receiver and energy harvesting technology are under development. We will be able to gradually launch related services. Finally, we hope to be a total solution provider for smart industries.'

'''''''''''NodeTalks Corp. continues to evolve to become a hidden champion in smart IoT devices and wireless sensor network businesses based on our unique low-power and energy saving technologies.

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