Nooku is a technology start-up that creates engaging and effective air quality monitoring systems, empowering people to improve their environment and ultimately their health and happiness.

Nooku's patent-pending modular design enables multiple base 'Monitors', distributed throughout the home, to build up an accurate summary of indoor air quality. Add-on 'Guide' modules can be sat atop the Monitors to provide additional pollutant sensing where and when it is needed. Character caps snap on to transform Nooku into a fun and engaging personal 'Sidekick' to help households improve their indoor air quality.'

The system has been designed to learn from its environment over time, so it can give occupants wider insights into air quality trends in the form of weekly and monthly reports, and gamified challenges encourage long-term engagement while educating users; like a Fitbit for air quality. Unlike traditional reactive monitors that only alert once a problem is detected, Nooku uses AI to predict health risks from long-term pollutant exposure, helping occupants to take preventative action.

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