Founded in 1981, SOGO began its journey in humble circumstances in a small office in Barcelona, where the idea of creating high quality appliances with resistant and durable materials was born.We passionately believe in improving the daily lives of our users with quality products and great customer service.

SOGO designs, manufactures and markets Home and Kitchen Appliances around the world. As an established brand with a 41-year history, we've been trusted by some of the most recognized distributors and retailers across Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa.


Our success comes from creating well designed, top quality consumer goods that remain affordable to everyone. All of our products are manufactured according to European CE/GS quality standards, with independent agencies following up with inspection. This ensures we conform to established norms of European quality across our product lines.


We are a Certified ISO 9001 company, recognized for our quality control. We follow this with a tight focus on improving our environmental impact. In collaboration with ECOTIC and ECOEMBES, we've set up green-focused waste management systems to ensure that electronic appliances are properly recycled and reused.


We've raised the bar at our corporate offices, with on-going training available to staff, a customer support team that pursues excellence in client relationships, and a network of over 100 service centers across Spain and other European countries, ensuring clients have easy access to any support they require.


The ongoing health crisis has only strengthened SOGO's resolve, to do what we do best: design and manufacture quality affordable electronics that improve people's daily lives. This now includes Home and Kitchen Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Personal Care, Household Goods, as well as Medical Care products.


Our customers have always expected and demanded the best from us. Building on both ground-level and social media relationships with millions of customers across the world, we continuously raise our standards and meet consumers where they need us most: Home.

Our company has always taken great pride in serving the needs of our customers accurately. As a bold and eternally present goal, we seek to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices for our customers. While we have started with appliances, we have expanded our offering to include a wide range of consumer electronics and accessories for our growing consumer base.

As on today we export to more than 30 countries world wide in

Europe,Asia ,Africa and North America.

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