Shenzhen Brojen Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

Wolf Shiled is a top professional manufacture of Smart products (IoT) specialized towards specific areas where these products can assist you to have a more secure day ' since 2011.

''Anyone can sell products, but Wolfshiled goes much further than that.Wolfshiled makes sure always to offer the right solutions, according to the specific requirements but still we might suggest a second solution ' as we recon this could be of high interest of the customer in the specific situation.


''The world keeps changing, this also have an effect on the demand of Smarthome products and the related security. Wolf Shield has a young team, which are able to come forward with new ideas, also use the latest technology available and even sometime push further.

Wolfshiled has launched several Smarthome security products which are unique due to their small size and high end design

''In overall Wolfshield vision is to be at the top of innovation ' at all-time to be able to offer the best solution related to the specific situation. (Best solution means affordable price combines with the right solution)

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