CHIFROG is an innovative manufacture producing wide-range electronic products, founded in 2012. In 2017 Chifrog Technology'and Herewin Group are integrated for strategic cooperation,Now the overall strength increased. 800 workers, 60000 ? workshop, 14 years' experience,'2 years' vendor of QVC. ISO, CE &UL certified,we mainly provide OEM&ODM service and supply for global distributors and brands. We have passionate employees focused on the research, development and production of lithium-ion battery-based digital products. We are located in No.1 Industry Zone of Fenghuang in Shenzhen.

Now CHIFROG technology and Herewin Group have 30 employees in its offices . Among them there are Software and Hardware Engineers with ample experience in Product Design, Moulding and Tooling. We take care in-house of the entire process of product creation: from Identity Design, Material Structure Design and PCBA Design to Moulding, Tooling, Plastic Injections and Assembly-Line Production. And that is also why we have high ability of customization and OEM&ODM progressing.

At CHIFROG we guarantee the quality of our products through the competence of our team and through careful control of our supply chain. We have strict standard operating procedures to select our suppliers and to control the quality of the materials that come into our factories. Once our products are complete we perform internal Quality Control tests to guarantee that each product performs according to its specifications. CHIFROG's many products obtained FCC, CE, ROHS, PSE, KC, UL, BIS certifications, and many are protected by international Original Design Patents.

CHIFROG has a strategic partner in the Herewin Corporation (listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange with code 834158) for the supply of Lithium-Polymer batteries, one of the most critical and quality-sensitive components of our products. We source our 18650 Lithium-Ion batteries from SZN and FST ' the two top brands in China's domestic battery market ' as well as from Samsung, LG and Sanyo. Thanks to our long-standing relationships with suppliers, at CHIFROG we can secure the most competitive prices for our batteries.

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