Shenzhen Huikeyuan Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen'Huikeyuan Co., Ltd'has always insisted on increasing the degree of automated production and operation to further improve product quality and reduce labor costs'since its establishment in 2011.

We provide high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving'Power Adapters for office electronics, STB, network communications, security monitoring, AV products, financial POS terminals, Vehicle device, data center, electrical tools etc.

As we all know, power supplies are essential accessories for all kinds of electronic products,'from small mobile phones, routers, laptops to larger printers, serves, medical equipment.

Although power adapters seem simple with small body, they have high technical content, involving many technical fields such as power electronics, semiconductor, frequency conversion, electromagnetic , computer (microprocessor), and integrated automatic control etc.

With the "New Infrastructure" plan, 5G, Big Data and IOT will be in rapid development, as the upstream manufacturer of above industries, Power Supply have a huge space for increment and quality improvement.

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