Shenzhen Meepo Board Limited

WHY MEEPO ?Today there are around 120,000 happy MEEPO riders in 58 countries! MEEPO always comes first when people ask which eboard should they buy. Kieran started MEEPO out of great passion and love of esk8. He even have a video channel recording the whole story. The MEEPO team love electric skateboarding and rides to work daily. We see each MEEPO board as a gift we are sending to a friend. It has to be beautiful, well packed, rides perfect, no issue for years. Every day we read happy stories from customers telling how wonderful it is to ride a MEEPO board. MEEPO board is a new way to get around, go outdoor and have fun and we are protecting the environment by driving less. We are leading the eskate revolution! We take a big pround of what we are doing! MEEPO BOARD TEAM

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