Shenzhen Ugreen Trading Ltd

With the desire to create value for users and make a difference in society,Ugreen is dedicated to inspiration through an open, creative platform where ideas can flourish.

We believe in the optimal combination of value and innovation; a combination in which our dedication to innovative products will provide you immeasurable utility.'

Since 2012, we've dedicated ourselves to building electronic devices and accessories'

that lead in technological innovation, and are accessible to everyday consumers.'

The user-centered philosophy runs in our veins. Ugreen has steadily grown into a brand'

trusted by over 40 million users in more than 100 countries around the world.'

Our award-winning product portfolio ranges from charging devices, mobile-phone and computer accessories, to home and automobile accessories. With an extensive channel network both online and offline, Ugreen is committed to providing maximum value backed by high-quality products and premium service to our customers.

As a brand that emphasizes value and humanity, social responsibility,humanistic care'

and environmental concern are deeply embedded in our DNA.We dedicate ourselves to creating new products that improve people's personal and work lives,while also encourage the exploration and development of new, upgraded technology with the desire to realize a harmonious unity between technological development and ecological consideration.

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