Treesat sp. z o.o.

The idea of is to standardize communication with devices connected to the Internet and to develop a framework that facilitates building solutions (systems, applications) in the IoT area.

We create a portfolio of compatible devices. We develop microservices that are components of the framework. We integrate with public clouds. Our solutions support data from thousands of vehicles moving across Europe and thousands of buildings located in many Polish cities.

Key competences


We implement projects in the automotive area. Our proprietary solutions monitor and protect private and fleet vehicles.

Smart Home

Home automation is becoming more and more common. Our solutions allow for efficient building Smart Home systems.

Smart City

We strive to make our competences allow for a more 'smart' life in urban areas. An example of implementation is the carsharing system, which is successfully operating in Pozna?.

Smart Grids

Our solutions support the management of dispersed networks supplying utilities (water, energy, heat). We not only read and process data, but also control devices.

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