V-TAC West Europe Limited

Founded with a vision to deliver energy-efficient LED lighting solutions globally, V-TAC has grown exponentially over 12+ years. Beyond establishing an expansive portfolio in LED lighting, our persistent drive for innovation and a dedicated R&D team has allowed us to offer a diverse catalogue with over 4,500 products to our valued clients and partners across 70 countries globally. Leveraging our brand's credibility and advanced manufacturing technologies, our journey has evolved beyond lighting.

Today, we champion sustainable practices, helping both individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint. We're proud to position ourselves as global leaders in energy-efficient systems ' especially emphasizing our comprehensive solar solutions, including solar panels, inverters, battery packs, and power stations, all geared towards elevating the quality of life for people worldwide.

V-TAC offers innovative LED lighting and solar energy solutions for a sustainable and bright future. Our specialties include:

LED Products:

Indoor Lighting (e.g., LED bulbs, tube lights, panel lights)

Outdoor Lighting (e.g., street lights, floodlights)

Specialty Lighting (e.g., LED strips, colored lights)

Commercial Lighting (e.g., high bays, downlights)

Solar Products:

Solar Panels

Solar Inverters

Solar Batteries

Solar Lights (e.g., solar street lights, garden lights)

Portable Solar Solutions (e.g., portable power stations, portable solar panels)


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