WellO2 Ltd is the world's leading expert on non-medicinal respiratory health, offering the world's most advanced lung gym to consumers worldwide. This innovative well-being solution is both clinically proven, robustly patented and based on science. With over 100,000 devices sold globally, it consistently receives exceptional customer satisfaction ratings.

WellO2 is a game-changer in respiratory care. It's the world's only device that merges resisted breathing exercises with warm steam, empowering users to strengthen their lungs and cleanse their airways in only a few minutes daily. Paired with the WellO2 MyBreath smart mouthpiece, users can effortlessly track and assess their breathing quality right at home. And for a total 360 experience, the WellO2 app provides a suite of guided breathing exercises to further enhance your journey to optimal respiratory health.

WellO2 target groups:'

- People suffering from respiratory issues ' WellO2 offers non-medical relief

- Athletes, fitness enthusiasts

- Voice professionals ' like speakers, singers, teachers'

- People with sleeping issues ' like snoring, sleep apnea, restlessness

- People experiencing stress

The quality of breathing affects all the areas of well-being ' it's about staying healthy and avoiding seasonal flus, recovering from a stressful day at work, achieving your best potential at sports and enjoying a good night's sleep. Based on our healthcare expertise, we have understood how better breathing really improves our daily lives. That is why we are committed to helping people breathe better so they can enjoy their lives to the fullest!

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