Xeros Technology

For the Problems we can't see, a difference we can

Microplastics in the sea. Aquifers deplete faster than they recharge. Sometimes the biggest problems are the ones we can't see. We shed light on the issues that are affecting our planet, and the big ideas it takes to solve them.

Xeros are an R&D innovation company, made up of scientists, engineers, and thinkers, creating and scaling lower-impact technologies for the manufacture and care of our clothing.

Most laundry and garment manufacturing machines rely on traditional wet processing methods. These use billions of litres of fresh water, large amounts of energy and chemicals, damage and weaken textile fibres, and create environmental pollution. It is estimated that washing machines contribute 35% of the 171 trillion microplastic particles in the ocean.

Xeros are setting about disrupting these traditional methods with patented and proven innovations that, so far, have saved millions of litres of water and could prevent billions of microfibres from ending up in our oceans. Designed as components that can be easily incorporated into existing platforms during production, Xeros work with washing machine manufacturers to help them adopt desirable and consumer-friendly features that reduce the environmental impact of washing our clothes.

Launching our textile technologies is just the beginning of our long-term mission to reduce waste wherever possible.


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