Youbiquo is a product company positioned in the B2B market and specialized in the design and production of wearable devices equipped with'Augmented Reality'and'Artificial Intelligence'functions. We have designed our first AR''Talens''Smart Glasses in 2015 and developed his own binocular evolution called''Holo Industry+''in 2021. In addition to Smart Glasses for Augmented Reality, Youbiquo offers consultancy services for the design and prototyping of wearable electronic devices and IoT devices, equipped with software applications. The intelligent functions on board wearable /'IoT devices'integrate'Augmented Reality and Machine Learning'technologies, applied to natural language understanding and object detection, recognition and tracking.

Products: AR Smart Glass "Leonardo", AR Magic Mirror "Try It On", Hand Gesture detection and tracking software "HandyTrack", Quality Assurance for Metal Manufacturing software "QIMAL".

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