Zerowell Inc.

Stay Connected to Nature - Right at Home.

Known as Zerowell in Korea and Zenwell worldwide, our company has humble roots in Gwangju, South Korea. We are proud to be a smaller company rather than a huge corporation. Staying small means we can stay close to our users and their problems, allowing us to quickly design and develop better solutions for them.

In everything we do, we consider safety first. All Zenwell products use natural processes and are eco-friendly and BPA-free. You can use it with confidence even at home with a baby because our technology is safe and inspired by nature.

Our premium technology can humidify and purify the air simultaneously, while offering easy maintenance and peace of mind. The washable humidification filters and nano filter purification technology are designed with user-friendliness in mind.

We develop our technology, products, and brand around our users' everyday needs. Our focus is promoting a safe and healthy home environment through clean air appliances that are rigorously tested and designed with ease of use and affordability in mind.

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