Zhejiang Huadun Safety Technology Co., Ltd

Founded in 2003, Zhejiang Huadun Safety Technology Co., Ltd occupies an expansive 9000 square meters of space. Our location in Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province, China, strategically situates us near the bustling ports of Shanghai and Ningbo. Over the years, we have amassed advanced equipment and cultivated a team of skilled workers, each boasting years of experience within the massager industry.


Our enterprise is a holistic hub for development, production, and sales. Notably, our self-reliance extends to product design, and our proven track record in international trade is a testament to our capabilities. We have fostered fruitful partnerships with numerous overseas entities. A hallmark of our commitment is our unwavering dedication to product quality. To this end, our ranks include professional inspectors, and we boast regular testing protocols fortified with cutting-edge equipment.


With a wealth of know-how in both design and manufacturing of massagers, our product lineup is expansive. Among our offerings are massage guns, eye massagers, scraping guns, and more. Our flexibility is a cornerstone, as we confidently undertake OBM, ODM, and OEM projects. The fruits of our labor are exported worldwide, reaching destinations such as the United States, Australia, South Korea, Germany, France, and various Middle Eastern and African nations.


As the years have rolled on, Huadun has secured a roster of proud accomplishments. Our mantle as a trailblazer within the industry is well-deserved, as we consistently steer its trajectory towards growth and innovation. With unwavering momentum, our journey continues. In the era of "Internet + massage equipment," Huadun eagerly contributes to the metamorphosis of public amenities. Armed with comprehensive, comfortable massage solutions, we embark on a new chapter, embracing this transformation to better fulfill our societal responsibilities and duties. It is through these efforts that we endeavor to reciprocate to society with outcomes that exceed expectations.

The future beckons, and it is one that we shall craft collectively.

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