ZhongShan Jimi Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd

Zhongshan Jimi Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.,?Joymi? is an'manufacturer that specializes in producing Motor-Driving Home Appliances. We have been manufacturing a wide range of products including Horizontal & Vertical Slow Juicers, Power Juicers, Power Blenders, and Coffee Makers since 2018.''With a focus on customer satisfaction, we offer OEM and ODM customization options, providing tailored products from design to packaging.''Our main products: Slow Juicer which is different from the traditional juicer and the'high speed'blender Slow juicer uses a screw propeller to extract the juice by low-speed pressing, and the juice pulp is separated by the residue juice separation filter, compared to the other two types,slow juicer is more delicious, healthy and fresh.

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