DAvide Colla

Founder & Creative Director, 150UP
Born in at the grayscale suburbs of the great Italian fashion and design capital, Davide Colla is a clear example of how being a dreamer and a nerd takes you far; having lived between London and Sevilla and having graduated from the European Design Institute, a passion for graphic art brought Davide to start up his award-winning digital branding agency, 150UP with headquarters in Milan, Italy's second-biggest city, that boasts a tradition in design and innovation spanning over decades. He has been the leading designer in projects for Alessi, Armani, Ferrari, Todd's, Salvatore Ferragamo, Emilio Pucci, and even the tech giant Amazon. On some, he drives up to IED, in which he now teaches Interaction, Webdesign, Digital Publishing, and Art Direction. If you want to hear a good story, ask him -
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