Lior Romanowsky

Founder & CEO, Spartans

Lior Romanowsky, a Keynote Speaker, and the Founder & CEO of Spartans Technologies. A serial entrepreneur who began his professional journey at 16, Lior has over a decade of experience in technological entrepreneurship. He is passionate about product innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality, which he harnesses to redefine business norms.

Lior has played an instrumental role in shaping Spartans into a major player in the global tech sphere, collaborating with Fortune 500 firms and innovative startups. Notably, startups he's assisted have collectively raised more than $300M in funding. This blend of leadership and technical acumen establishes Lior as a leading light in the tech arena.

His keynote, "The Next Generation of AR and VR Experiences: Powered by AI," will offer insights into AI-powered AR/VR experiences, their ability to enhance engagement, and to foster significant connections.

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