Lorenz Berzau

Head of Operations - VECTRA International,

Lorenz is responsible for operations at VECTRA International, a company dedicated to helping'clients map their supply chain, identify critical process gaps'and potential business risks-- and optimize supply chain and sourcing management. His role covers overseeing and extending the global team of consultants, project management with clients, as well as the development of consultancy products, training modules, and tools.'
He provides consultancy to clients directly. Helping organizations in driving responsible success for 20 years, Lorenz's focus in his operations role as well as a consultant focus on supporting companies in their sustainability strategy, respective processes, risk analysis, guidelines, conducting training for staff and suppliers, focusing on human rights and working conditions. Before joining VECTRA International, Lorenz had been running an association's social compliance scheme for more than ten years with responsibilities covering association membership, stakeholder engagement, social auditing, and follow-up, at European and global levels.'

Lorenz is from Germany and has an educational background in law.'

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