Mina Kolagar

Cofounder and Co-CEO, PANTOhealth

Mina Kolagar is the co-founder and co-CEO of PANTOhealth GmbH. Her academic journey began in Chemical Engineering, followed by postgraduate studies in interdisciplinary research with a focus on energy systems engineering.

Driven by her passion for increasing the efficiency of natural resources, Mina pursued research during her Ph.D. However, she noticed a gap in implementing the research findings effectively. Determined to make a significant impact, Mina decided to become a co-founder in a startup, leading her to PANTOhealth.

PANTOhealth, based in Berlin, is a deep-tech startup working on real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance of trains. The company's key innovation lies in using synthetic data generated by Digital twines, combined with real data installed on trains. By utilizing this technology, PANTOhealth can simulate defective catenary scenarios and use the labeled synthetic data in their AI models to identify infrastructure abnormalities and optimize maintenance schedules.

As the co-CEO and co-founder, Mina plays a critical role in resource allocation, day-to-day operations, and milestone achievements for PANTOhealth. She represents PANTOhealth's strategy in international consortiums, collaborating on innovative projects within the rail industry. Her ability to navigate available resources, regulations, and barriers helps ensure the realization of PANTOhealth's vision.

Mina Kolagar drives PANTOhealth's mission to revolutionize the rail industry, making it more punctual, affordable, and environmentally friendly. Her role in propelling the company's growth and success highlights her as one of the "100 Influential people in the Future of Berlin's Economy."

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