Peter Kreysler


Peter Kreysler is a longtime,multi-award winning international investigative journalist for radio and TV documentaries. During the German super-election year 2021, his radio documentary about digital social manipulation in the election campaign as well as the ARD TV documentary "Wahlkampf undercover" (co-author) were released. In both, he uncovered the illegitimate methods of international PR agencies through his undercover research. Kreysler'has also grappled with the topic of growing dependence on raw materials and'commodity market (LME) for many years. His radio feature "Rohstoff Roulette" was broadcast in 2012 on WDR.' Last year, he reported on the electromobility and EV-trends and the consequent growing European dependence on raw materials. His research took him to the Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, where he dug deeper into ASM cobalt mining. He found in Kolwezi environmental pollution and human rights violations which culminated in his ard-radio-feature "Sustainable E-Mobility? - A Documentary about a Big Promise.' and a TV peace on EVs and the "Supply Chain'Act"'. (ARD-Plusminus,2023)

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