Roland Damann

Managing Director, MicroBubbles GmbH

Roland Damann, aged 63, serves as the mastermind behind Microbubbles, a branch of the German Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovations, SPRIND. As a driving force in the industry, Mr. Damann has been instrumental in the development of numerous innovative products. A fervent inventor, research entrepreneur, and tireless explorer of water quality, he established enviplan' Ingenieurgesellschaft in the 1980s, which has since emerged as a global frontrunner in environmental technology.

Throughout his career, Mr. Damann has devised and executed cutting-edge systems and highly intricate projects for water and wastewater endeavours in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, the UAE, and NAFRI states, among others. Additionally, he has set up sales and service networks, as well as licensing enterprises in Europe, the USA, Canada, the Middle East, and China. Widely regarded as an authority in water therapy and remediation, he has made microflotation the benchmark technology for wastewater treatment.

Mr. Damann holds approximately 40 national and international industrial property rights and was the proud recipient of the NRW Innovation Prize in 2016.'

His Microplastic Project commenced in 2019, and in order to facilitate a significant breakthrough, MicroBubbles GmbH was established in April 2021 with the backing of SPRIND. Since then, he has dedicated all his work to the fight against microplastics in our waters.


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