Alecto baby

For 45 years, Alecto Baby has been helping young parents with electronics they can rely on. Alecto Baby ensures that there are always eyes and ears in the nursery. Whatever your needs, we have a solution for everyone that fits seamlessly. Even if you want to know how your baby's health is doing.


Alecto has a range of 100+ baby products. Including bottle warmers, thermometers, baby monitors and sleep trainers. Alecto Baby has everything to provide your baby with the best care.


When it comes to your baby, you can't be too careful. And we share that concern. That's why we put a lot of energy into the safety and "operational reliability" of our products. With Alecto Baby you know that you choose for quality. We do not just say that, it has been proven by various test panels from leading institutes such as the Dutch Consumer Association and reviews from other parents on for example Kieskeurig. And for all that quality you will never pay more than necessary. That is the advantage of being the market leader. Alecto Baby has been at the top for years. We never take that for granted. But it does give you the assurance that you can rely on Alecto Baby for help.

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